Benefits of a Long-term Montessori Education

By Joan Horlbeck, School Director

When Association Montessori International trainer and consultant Dr. Kay Baker visited Anami in October, she gave a talk titled “Benefits of a Long-term Montessori Education.” What are the benefits of keeping a child in Montessori over the long run? She said the first word that came to her mind was “confidence”.

A current fourth year elementary student and a graduate share fun stories as participants on Anami’s elementary panel.

We see this in so many ways.

Confidence was evident at a recent Anami elementary parent night where both alumni and current elementary students participated. Some parent attendees later shared insights from the evening.

One observed, “From the youngest to the oldest, the panelists were universally thoughtful, reflective and articulate in their responses to the questions. This reminds me of the saying that Montessori education prepares children for life. These Montessori (and former Montessori) children were clearly prepared to think for themselves, about themselves, and about their place in the larger community.”

And another commented, “I am always impressed by the panelists’ collective confidence and their willingness to answer any question thoughtfully and meaningfully. It is one of my favorite nights of the year at Anami.”

We see this confidence in our upper elementary children as they prepare for an upcoming trip to Colonial Williamsburg. They have taken ownership of the entire experience and are wholeheartedly doing further research, major fundraising and significant planning. At the end of this adventure, they will look over all they did and know it was not merely a trip they joined, but rather one they made happen.

The Montessori child’s confidence comes in part from his developmental needs being met at each stage—as it is in the Montessori prepared environment.

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