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What We Mean By “Work”

By Ana Amiguet For most of us, the word “work” carries the heavy connotation of all the things we are supposed to do—but really want to avoid.  It brings visions of stress and ulcers, of late nights and stale coffee.  But if you are one of the lucky few who truly loves what you do, […]

Navigating the Social Waters through The Elementary Years

By Stephanie Ellis Stephanie Ellis holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Oglethorpe University as well as a Master’s of Education from Loyola College in Baltimore. She trained at the AMI Washington Montessori Institute in Columbia, Maryland. She explores the world through books, movies, seminars, and further collegiate study. Her two children (Rowan, age […]

I Can Do It

By Rita Wallace Rita Wallace has been teaching in Anami’s Children’s House I for 12 years. She and her husband Frankie are parents of Lucia, 14, (a graduate of Anami), Sofie, 10, and Mia, 4—the younger two enrolled at Anami. In her away-from-school time, Rita enjoys attending multi-cultural events with her family. Being in the […]

Building the Pink Tower Upside Down

By Ana Amiguet  Ana Amiguet is a former Montessori student from early childhood in her native Puerto Rico. She has since worked as a lead teacher in Primary classrooms in California and Massachusetts, and at nonprofits both working with and advocating for children in foster care. She has a BA in English Literature from Brown […]

Portrait of a Graduate – Natalie Scurry Alston

by Mary Schilli Some of you may have had the pleasure of meeting Natalie Scurry Alston at the Anami student and alumni panel last fall.  Natalie graduated summa cum laude from North Carolina State University with an engineering degree and then graduated from Harvard Law School.  She now practices law in Charlotte at Robinson Bradshaw […]

Benefits of a Long-term Montessori Education

By Joan Horlbeck, School Director When Association Montessori International trainer and consultant Dr. Kay Baker visited Anami in October, she gave a talk titled “Benefits of a Long-term Montessori Education.” What are the benefits of keeping a child in Montessori over the long run? She said the first word that came to her mind was […]

Trusting the Process and Parenting as Part of the Prepared Environment

By David Milling (Anami Montessori parent) Editor’s note:  This article was originally written in 2011 at the end of Chloe’s three-year primary cycle. It’s Saturday morning, and I’m home with my five-year-old daughter.  I observe her as she writes a story about mermaids.  Later in the day, she reads a book about sharks and is […]

The Art and Science of Parenting

By Ariana Klotz Ah, parenting! No matter what job title we claim in our nine-to-five lives, no matter what letters we did or didn’t earn after our name at some university somewhere, we all share the same true primary occupation—we are parents. It is something we do every hour of every day as we strive […]

Portrait of a Graduate – Matthew Kanode

By Ariana Klotz  (aka Ariana Shahinfar) Ariana Klotz (a.k.a. Ariana Shahinfar, Ph.D.) is a full-time mom to Mase (fourth year elementary child) and Meredith (extended day, Children’s House I), and a part-time developmental psychologist. She serves as an adjunct faculty member in the department of psychology at UNC-Charlotte. On a recent sunny afternoon, I had […]

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